Sunday, December 6, 2009

Times Have Changed

My daughter Madison gave me her Santa list and it's full of technology gadgets. In my day, the electronic wizardry was confined to a Lite Brite game and a Polaroid camera. Now,it seems Santa's elves have all taken correspondent courses at Cal Tech and MIT. Wii games have replaced Monopoly and Twister. Ipods have supplanted cassette recorders which probably sit in the Smithsonian right next to the record players. What used to be the must have item way back when, the Sony Walkman is still around, but has received a makeover and been transformed into a slick MP3 player. No more requests for Barbie, Easy Bake Ovens and anything with a Disney Princess on it. I'm told that Princesses are just not cool any longer.

Madison is pining for a laptop and cell phone. Being the overindulgent parents we are, the foot has actually been put down here. You're too young we tell her. If we give in, what's next, a BMW?

I'm sure Santa will make it down the chimney, assuming I remember to open the damper, with a few of the latest and greatest technological gizmos. But its still heartwarming that on top of Madison's list is a puppy. While this tugs at my heart that she wants a friend for our current pooch, I know who'll be the the real caretaker about the same time the holiday cards hit the recycling bin (my wife). So to make sure Santa knew the puppy was also on the "do not deliver list," I sent Santa a text from my new Blackberry. Admittedly, the technology does come in handy at times!

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