Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The not so friendly skies

We recently returned from a visit to California.  Our adventure began shortly after locking the front door as you'll see in my recent column.

While some may think I'm picking on poor little ole Southwest, you're wrong. I could have easily picked on them much worse.

I also refrained from using Twitter to broadcast my grievances like Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong recently did.  As you might recall, Billie Joe made news when Southwest kicked him off a flight for refusing to pull up his sagging trousers.  All I was asking for was to have my cocktail coupon honored and a breath of fresh air. I didn't suffer Billie Joe's fate, but I suffered nevertheless (along with a group of my fellow passengers). 

Billie received a public apology.  I have no expectations of receiving the same.  Billie Joe has 178,000 Twitter followers.  I have three!

Hope you enjoy the column.

Making the long journey home, again