Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Promise Kept

Here it is, December 31.  Another year has passed by as quickly as it came.  Tonight over the confetti, balloons and Ryan Seacrest, many will celebrate a bit too hard and then wake up around the time the Rose Bowl starts with the resolution—No more alcohol.  Typically, that resolution is broken by the time the next bowl game starts.

I often wonder how long most people keep resolutions.  Or why they even make them at all. Losing weight is a popular one.  My gym is always packed in January, but by mid-February, normalcy returns.  Where do these people go?  Back to their couches sucking down bags of Lay’s potato chips hoping for a spot on the Biggest Loser? Return to the same ole  routine.  Life is busy is a good excuse.  Fine with me. I have little patience waiting in line to get on a treadmill!

Another popular resolution is getting into a long term relationship.  Careful what you ask for as the most popular time to break off a relationship is in the Spring.  Hey, these resolutions lasted a few months, longer than most.

Quitting smoking and leading a healthier life are on many lists.  I don’t know how smokers do it anyway.  The only place they can still light up without the world coming down on them is in the privacy of their home.  And they better hope their loved ones smoke as well or they will end up in the garage with the cat.  But then again, isn’t there a law about inflicting your pets with second-hand smoke?

What about learning something new or just enjoying life more?  How pathetic. Why do you need a resolution?  Just do it already.

Getting out of debt?  Why bother? Unless you plan on winning the lottery, this resolution will likely end up on your list for years to come.

Spending more time with friends and family.  Careful, this could lead you to breaking all the resolutions just mentioned.

What about me?  I am actually successfully completing my one resolution for 2103—writing and posting this blog entry! Yes, I waited to the final day of the year, but mission accomplished with a few moments to spare.

Happy New Year!  I will be back in touch in 2014.  That’s not a resolution. It’s a promise.